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Pell: 'Discrimination is real in RI'

May 8, 2014

WOONSOCKET – Declaring that “discrimination is real in Rhode Island today,” Democratic candidate for governor Clay Pell laid out what he called an “Opportunity for All” policy that would benefit women, minorities, gays and even illegal immigrants.
“I believe we need to make this a place where all people can succeed,” Pell told reporters at a press conference at the Museum of Work and Culture Thursday. “I believe we have to include people regardless of their immigration status in our economy. We have to make sure that
people who are growing up here, to get a good education and live the American Dream. That’s what this state is about. That’s what this country is about and that is why I’m standing here today.
“I want to make sure we include immigrants in what we do in
state government and I want to make sure we close the achievement gap that too often is keeping children from immigrant families from achieving the same outcomes” as others.
“This state is about including people,” Pell said.
While there are no more segregated lunch counters, and “Whites Only” signs are relegated to history museums, gays can marry and serve openly in the military and new buildings are constructed to
accommodate those with disabilities, discrimination today is not “subtle” as some like to claim, he said.
Read the entire story in Friday's newspaper.


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