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Despite repairs City Hall tower still leaks

April 15, 2014

PAWTUCKET—Now that he's done watching the weather forecasts for snowstorms, it's heavy rain that DPW Director Lance Hill is keeping an uneasy eye on.
As has happened in recent weeks, rain water leaked into the City Hall tower and caused the main elevator to malfunction. The elevator is once again operational, but the years-old leakage problem in the Art Deco-style tower that contains it is a recurring one with no easy (or cheap) solution in sight.
The tower, an architectural centerpiece of the almost 80-year-old City Hall, has been leaking for many years. City officials were particularly dismayed when water problems persisted after an almost $3 million reconstruction project that took place during 2005 to 2006. Over the years, city maintenance workers have devised a system of buckets and tarpaulins to try and contain the water, but leaks still occur during heavy rains, and wet wiring and other dampness-related equipment problems have caused the elevator to periodically break down.
“The elevator is operational at this point,” said Hill, who inherited the maintenance problems of the faulty tower when he came on board as DPW Director in 2011. “We do have some water collection contraptions set up, but in heavy rainstorms, they sometimes get overwhelmed. Especially when it is north-dripping rain...we seem to have more of a problem.”
Read the rest of the story in Wednesday's Times.


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