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City looks into misuse of gasoline

June 17, 2013

PAWTUCKET — An investigation is going on into the possible misuse of the city's gasoline pumps by someone who allegedly used them to fill up a personal vehicle.
However, while city officials have confirmed the investigation, they are being tight-lipped about the scope of it and any other details surrounding the matter.
The story of the investigation was first reported by NBC 10's I-Team. Antonio Pires, director of administration and public safety director for Mayor Donald Grebien, issued a statement on Friday reading, “The City of Pawtucket became aware of potential issues involving possible misuse of the city gas pump at the Department of PublicWorks. The pump, to which access is limited, if for official use only. There is an ongoing investigation to determine if any such misuse has occurred and if so, to what extent.”
Several sources told The Times that the alleged misuse concerns a Police Department employee. However, Pires would not confirm this or comment on any other specifics regarding the investigation.
“At this point, it's a developing story,” said Pires. “We're trying to determine the extent of any potential misuse...if there is any. We think there is, but we can't comment on any specifics right now.” He added that part of the investigation involved reviewing surveillance tapes, which he called “a tedious process.”
Pires would also not confirm reports that the Rhode Island State Police has been asked to get involved in the investigation. He would say only that it will be going through “the channels.”
City officials say there are over 300 city vehicles eligible to use the municipal gasoline pumps, which are kept in a locked area. Employees use a key card to enter the area and then have to enter a vehicle number and an identification number on a keypad.
Besides the Police Department, there are employees who are eligible to use the city gasoline pumps in the Fire Department, Department of Public Works, the Pawtucket Public Library, the Leon Mathieu Senior Center and the Zoning Department.
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