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Take the country back - from bloated plutocrats

December 9, 2010

In Rhode Island and all across the country, more people are becoming interested in and involved with politics and government.
That is a good thing. The Tea Party movement is a good thing.
In Rhode Island, RISC, the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition is a good thing.
These are citizens who want their nation, their state and their community to be better and they are doing that through the political process. Good for them.

No honeymoon for Lincoln Chafee

November 28, 2010

POLITICS AS USUAL by Lincoln Chafee

Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee has to be looking around at his closest advisors about now and saying: “I wanted this job, WHY?”
Chafee’s backside has yet to create a dent in the governor’s chair and already he is getting it from all sides.

President Obama is, alas, all talk and no action

November 24, 2010


I would love to play poker with President Barack Obama.
I could sit there all night, never holding anything better than a pair of deuces, but I would bluff and raise, raise and bluff, and he would just fold his hand every time, allowing me to rake in all the pots. Republicans caught on to this early in his presidency.

LOCAL COMMENTARY -- Thinking globally about 'Superman'

November 17, 2010


The new film “Waiting for Superman” is generating a level of energy around education reform unlike anything we’ve seen in the past 25 years, and we must harness it to begin closing the global achievement gap between the rest of the developed world and America.
To do that, we need to build a coalition that spans all races and classes that’s forceful enough to demand systemic reforms to our public school system.

Jim Baron offers post-election musings

November 9, 2010

- Democrat Frank Caprio took the Democratic vote way too much for granted. Even before Patrick Lynch dropped out of the Democratic primary, Caprio was running to the right, trying to take away John Robitaille’s Republican votes. He was trying to run up the score. That’s the kind of overachiever he is. Mere victory wasn’t good enough for Caprio, he wanted a landslide, amassing votes of Republicans as well as Democrats. Instead, Chafee walked away with a huge share of the Democratic vote and Republicans decided to vote for the Republican rather than the Democrat trying to run as a Republican.

What are your concerns about the future of Pawtucket?

November 6, 2010

We'd like to read your responses!

Caprio may have 'shoved' the election

November 1, 2010


Shove it?
Shove it?!?
The president of these United States can take his endorsement and shove it?
I’m sure that’s what Democrat Frank Caprio said to the president of his own party. I know because after he said it in a radio interview, he called a press conference a few hours later for the specific purpose of saying, basically, “Yeah, you heard me, I told him to shove it,” just in case someone had missed it the first time.
That press conference is what made it clear that this was not some petulant pop-off; it was a premeditated campaign strategy.

Bob Healey finally catches a wave

October 24, 2010

Politics as Usual by Jim Baron

They say a political campaign, especially for an underdog, is a lot like surfing. You have to choose the right wave and catch it at precisely the right moment, otherwise you just go splat and end up all wet.
Well, Bob Healey is up on his surfboard, he’s hangin’ ten, and he has caught the electoral wave right at its sweetest spot.
“Peaking at the right time,” is what the political pros call it, and Healey, founder of the Cool Moose Party, is doing just that right now with a week and a day left in this race for lieutenant governor.

The end of 'mystery meat' in our schools

October 21, 2010


Thanks for supporting the Lupo Memorial Scholarship Run

October 19, 2010

The Vengeance Motorcycle Club and the Lupo family thank everyone in attendance at the Billy Lupo Memorial Scholarship Run on Sept. 19.


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